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Catch up on past NCC webinars!

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Missed any NCC webinars? Follow the links in this list to view a missed webinar, or revisit a past learning experience.


  • What's new is really old: Trauma informed health practices through an understanding of historic trauma (overview and recording)
  • Two Spirit! Let’s Hear It! - An Introduction to Two-Spirit Health (overview and recording)



  • Cannabis legalization and environmental health (overviewrecording)
  • Policy options for healthier retail food environments in city-regions: The case for a solid measurement foundation (overviewrecording)


  • Co-presented with NCCDH - Public health ethics and equity: Naming and navigating ethical issues in public health practice (overviewrecording)
  • Co-presented with NCCMT -  Priority-setting in public health: Evidence and ethics in decision-making (overviewrecording)
  • Co-presented with NCCID - Public health ethics: A case in infectious disease prevention and control (overviewrecording)
  • Co-presented with NCCEH - Public health ethics: A case in environmental health (overviewrecording)



  • Spotlight on KT methods and tools
  • Peer-to-Peer Webinar Series: Success Stories in Evidence-Informed Decision Making
    • Effective Psychological and Psychosocial Interventions to Prevent Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Disorders: A Rapid Review and Applicability Assessment (overviewrecording)
    • Establishing a Community of Practice to Build Knowledge and Skills in EIDM (overviewrecording)

Stay tuned to events across the NCCs by bookmarking the collective calendar! Please note that events appear in Eastern Standard Time and titles reflect the language of delivery.