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NCCAH launches a series of parenting booklets for First Nations and Metis parents and caregivers


In celebration of National Child Day (November 20, 2017), the NCCAH and partner organization Healthy Child Manitoba Office (HCMO) officially launched four resources for First Nations and Metis parents and caregivers in Manitoba including: Parents as First Teachers; Fatherhood is Forever; Family Connections; and Growing up Healthy.

These resources were adapted from those originally produced in 2013 through a partnership between the NCCAH and the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) in British Columbia.

  • Fatherhood is Forever discusses the important parenting role of fathers, including learning about being a positive role model for children and some of the different approaches they can take to deal with different situations.
  • Parents as First Teachers places emphasis on early childhood development and learning through experience and play.
  • Family Connections presents information for parents and caregivers on bonding, forming secure attachments with children, and connecting with extended family and community.
  • Growing Up Healthy focuses on the steps parents and caregivers can take to keep infants and children well, through nutrition, physical activity and caring for the body.

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