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NCCID literature review on refugee health

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The number of asylum seekers crossing the U.S.–Canada border has seen a significant increase since the U.S. election in November, 2016. Although the various public health responses of the international community and health status of asylum seekers are well documented in the literature, limited data are available on the health status, level of access, and barriers to access to health care of asylum seekers who have entered Canada recently. This population of asylum seekers is unique in that most have spent extended periods of time in the United States, and how they may have impacted the asylum seekers’ health status is largely unknown. In order to aid in establishing an effective public health response for recently arrived asylum seekers, current gaps in knowledge regarding health status, access to health care, and barriers to access of asylum seekers in Canada were identified. Furthermore, the international community’s response to such issues in the past and potential implications for the Canadian context were reviewed.

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