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A Framework for Supporting Action in Population Mental Health

Categories : Featured resources,NCCHPP,Population Mental Health Promotion

This document, a translation from an original published article, builds on previous work by the NCCHPP and illustrates how the population mental health framework for public health could be implemented in the Québec context. It is the result of a collaboration between Pascale Mantoura from the NCCHPP, Marie-Claude Roberge from the INSPQ and Louise Fournier from the Université de Montréal.

This article presents the momentum for change at the policy level within the field of mental health, and we present a framework to support population mental health action that builds on previous work developed at the NCCHPP. The article also illustrates how the application of a populational responsibility perspective, as it is defined in the context of Québec, facilitates the implementation of the various elements of this framework. To learn more and download this article, click here. 

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