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The NCCs contribute to a panel discussion at the Atlantic Summer Institute

Categories : Conferences/ Events,Population Mental Health Promotion

The six National Collaborating Centres were invited to contribute to a panel on Pathways to Policy at the Atlantic Summer Institute (ASI) on promoting child and youth mental health. The ASI was held from August 21-23, 2017 in Charlottetown.

The NCCs were asked to share their knowledge translation processes and tools from Population Mental Health for Children and Youth, a collaborative project. The NCC for Healthy Public Policy’s Pascale Mantoura represented the NCCs.

During her presentation, she

  • Presented an overview of the KT processes that underscore the work of the NCCs,
  • Explained the NCCs’ involvement in population mental health,
  • Presented processes, tools and resources associated with the collective project in population mental health, and
  • Identified potential policy and practice influences associated with such processes and tools in favour of population mental health.

To access this presentation, visit the conference website.