Collaborative projects across the NCCs:  

The NCCs continue to work together on several projects, drawing from each other’s expertise and networks in specific topic areas. Recent projects involving all NCCs include those related the CPHO 2021 report and associated commissioned reportspublic health responses for long-term evacuation and recoveryequity-integrated population health status reportingpopulation mental health, and influenza. Over the past few years, the NCCs for Environmental Health and Determinants of Health have also been working together to explore how the social determinants of health and health equity intersect with environmental public health practice

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Other NCC collaborations

Looking forward and looking back – What have we learned from our efforts to strengthen public health in Canada?

  • The NCCs are always interested in learning how they have influenced public health in Canada. In 2015-2016, we asked: What impact has our work had on public health knowledge, practices, organizations and systems to date? And, how can this inform how we move forward? Documenting “success” and influence is no easy task; it requires a good understanding of the levers and processes that influence practice, policy, and interacting systems. The NCCs are pleased to have worked with Dr. Natalie Kischuk, a current fellow at the Canadian Evaluation Society, and Nancy Anna Hanusaik. Together, we recorded and articulated the NCCs defining moments, approaches and decisions. We also assessed facilitating and risk conditions that influence the application of knowledge. This appreciative approach gave us rich data, and further illuminated what we had heard through evaluation surveys and testimonials. Stay tuned – we will be sharing what we have learned with you soon. We will post an accessible account of NCCs’ multiple influence mechanisms, one that will help NCCs better understand, and leverage, our contributions to incremental, cumulative and enduring change.  

Webinar Series with the Public Health Physicians of Canada

  • For the fifth year in a row, the six National Collaborating Centres for Public Health (NCCs) and the Public Health Physicians of Canada (PHPC) are presenting a series of free, online webinars each focused on a different priority area of public health. Experts from across Canada will lead interactive sessions where public health physicians can learn about current public health issues and develop important skills for their future practice. To learn more, visit the PHPC website.

To learn more about other project work from the six NCCs for Public Health, visit our Resources section. 

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