Together, the six NCCs have built upon previous work by the NCC for Determinants of Health and produced an action framework for Equity-integrated population health status reporting (PHSR) and a summary document. 

About this resource: 

This resource is designed for people who are creating community health status reports, as well as people interested in learning how to use PHSR to drive action on improving health equity. Actors at all levels of the health system— including senior leaders, medical health officers, epidemiologists, managers and front-line staff—are well-positioned to use PHSR processes as a call to action for interventions that address the social determinants of health and improve health equity. 

The action framework includes

  • the roles and expected outcomes for public health actors, researchers and community stakeholders
  • how to communicate, collaborate and apply a health equity values lens, including key questions to ask and examples of promising practices
  • seven steps of a population health status reporting process and examples of potential actions/promising practices for each

The document concludes with examples of ways to apply the framework to your own practice and how to use it as a conversation starter. Readers are encouraged to examine the framework through the lens of their own role in the system and think about what they can do within their circle of influence.

For more information about this work, visit the NCCDH website.

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