The NCCID led a two-year collaborative project that brought together the expertise of the six NCCs to respond to recognized knowledge gaps regarding the prevention and control of influenza. Together, the NCCs developed a suite of new knowledge products to address these and other issues. The NCCID and its partners asked public health stakeholders, what are the priorities and what types of knowledge projects are most useful? The themes and questions most often mentioned were Vaccines effectiveness, Primary prevention, Rapid diagnostics, Surveillance & burden of illness, Communication & messaging, and EquityLearn more about each theme here.

Collaborations with other NCCs on this topic 

Several projects were conducted to strengthen the evidence-base and methods used to support public health decisions on when, among whom, and how best to intervene, particularly to avoid severe outcomes of influenza. For more information, visit the Influenza section of the NCCID website.

For more information, and for resources from this project, click here.

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