Public health staff have always been tasked with complex, intersecting issues. The six National Collaborating Centres (NCCs) for Public Health play a vital role in Canada’s public health infrastructure by sharing knowledge and evidence. In turn, public health staff save time, make the most of existing resources, and reduce duplication.

Established in 2005 and funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada, the NCCs work together to identify knowledge gaps, foster networks and provide the Canadian public health system with an array of evidence-based products and knowledge translation services.

But what exactly do the NCCs do? How do they go about mobilizing scientific research to strengthen public health practices, programs, and policies in Canada? To answer these questions, the NCCPH have launched Strengthening Public Health Across Canada: the Influence of the NCCs, an effort to explain the role the NCCs play nationally, regionally, and locally to address the public health needs of Canadians.

The result is a series of ten, full-colour documents containing:

  • An analysis of how NCCs are strengthening public health across Canada, including links to related examples
  • A guide to each NCC
  • Case stories of NCC influence-in-action

Click on the following links to download each document individually:

  1. Opening a space to integrate Indigenous perspectives and build cultural awareness (NCC for Indigenous Health) (PDF, 794KB)
  2. Pan-Canadian leaders forum designed to put knowledge into action (NCC for Determinants of Health) (PDF, 1.3MB)
  3. Improving the safety of personal service establishments (NCC for Environmental Health) (PDF, 765KB)
  4. Demystifying policy analysis for better public health interventions (NCC for Healthy Public Policy) (PDF, 354KB)
  5. Notifiable Diseases Database – Consultation and collaboration for an essential public health resource (NCC for Infectious Diseases) (PDF, 544KB)
  6. Accessible training builds capacity (NCC for Methods and Tools) (PDF, 1.5MB)
  7. Promoting population mental health and wellness (NCCs for Public Health) (PDF, 602KB)
  8. Knowledge translation in public health medicine (NCCs for Public Health) (PDF, 114KB)
  9. Influenza and influenza-like-illness (NCCs for Public Health) (PDF, 709KB)
  10. Integrating equity into environmental health practice (NCCs for Public Health) (PDF, 620KB)

Alternatively, the entire series can be downloaded as a single PDF document (34 MB).

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